Well, they say do what you love. We’ve been doing this since 1998, creating fresh and effective ideas for people who trust us to get things right. We’re not huge, but that doesn’t stop us having a great big impact, or growing in a way that makes us agile rather than static.

Mike Bailey, Founder

Mike’s the founder, a restless creative thinker. He’s fastidious about detail, loves the challenges of time versus budgets, the satisfaction of working on projects that make a genuine difference and and working with people with passion and a love of the work they do.

Sam Bailey, Director

Sam manages the office with authority, efficiency and a very fine singing voice. A fitness fanatic, she keeps the business’s finances as healthy as herself and, as a lover of order, can often be found casting critical glances at the state of Mike’s desk when he’s in full creative flow. But she’s his wife, so she’s allowed to.

Chris Ruffles, Creative Director

Chris is creative director and problem-solver extraordinaire. He’d rather take a journey of discovery than the beaten path, and follows it with the same passion that got him into design all those years ago. When Chris isn’t ‘relaxing’ with a spot of Jujitsu, you’ll find him criticising the typography on the menus of Winchester’s restaurants.

Sarah Farrell, Senior Designer

If anybody knows more about Indesign, we’ve yet to meet them. Typical of the creative designer’s feisty spirit, Sarah is a fiercely competitive member of her local netball team, where her tap dancing skills allow her to run rings around the opposition.

Stacie Joslin, Senior Designer

With a background in design for charities, the arts and corporate clients, Stacie settled back into Hampshire life after some exciting years away travelling and working in London. She loves getting stuck into editorial design and the problem-solving that comes with digital, whether it be an HTML email or website. In her spare time she can usually be found watching a gig, at the gym or practising her newest hobby, the piano.

Dave Neal, Senior Designer

A background in screen printing which has led to a keen interest in visual arts and a large collection of rare art prints (without enough wall space to display them all). Dave has a degree in Illustration and his love of ‘drawing pictures’ along with a joy of problem solving has led him to a career in design. He is also a ‘reluctant’ runner who enjoys the reward of extra portions to keep his energy levels up.

Susie Doyle, Head of Fundraising

Having spent many years working on the client side of life, Susie is well acquainted with the challenges and joys of working in a fundraising team – and with fundraising agencies. She loves all things individual giving, beautifully clean data and excellent copy. When she’s not buried in a book about neuroscience or psychology, you can find her beating people up (or trying to) at the boxing gym.

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