Handling the balance between your organisational needs and your supporters’ agenda can be a challenging task. We’re here to help you.

For over 10 years we’ve supported our clients with their fundraising activities, whether that’s through strategy creation, data management, copy writing and pack design, mail fulfilment or response handling.

Experience both sides of the fence

With plenty of experience working on the client side of life, we’re well versed in the challenges of fundraising. You need to raise more money, spending less money, and the competition is fierce.

We can help you to develop your fundraising at whatever level you require support. From creating strategies for acquisition, retention and development, to helping you save money by recommending different printing and postage methods, and everything in between, we can help your fundraising to be more effective.

As with our design, we like to begin by understanding your donors, data, organisation and objectives.  Then we go to work on creating a range of solutions that take all those things into account. We’re a logical bunch and we love seeing what can happen when you combine fantastic data analysis with innovative ideas.

We can also work alongside and coach your staff, helping them to improve their fundraising knowledge and work more effectively as a team.

Well, we could spend all day telling you about what we’re good at. We love data. We’re great at analysis and working out where the gaps and opportunities lie. We love working with the design team to make sure your packs are as cost effective as they can be, and that your design always compliments your fundraising rather than works against it. We love writing copy that’s going to help your donors feel good about giving.

But to be honest, we’d rather talk about you. So, to chat through a project or find out how we can help you, just drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.