Our highly experienced team of designers and web developers will ensure that every digital project, whether it’s a new website, email template or app, is on budget and on brief.

Sheer screen presence

At one time, you had to be careful. You just couldn’t take big design ideas off a page and make them work digitally. But that’s all changed. We can now take what’s in our heads and put it at the world’s fingertips. To get there, we’ll take a few steps back to get things in perspective and look at the right way ahead.

Web audit

Much the same as with a branding audit, we’ll take a look at your website and let you know what we think works and what doesn’t – whether the user interface is up to the job, and what we can do to get more visitors through the door. Again, forgive us prying. We wouldn’t be giving you decent value if we didn’t.

Competitor audit

You have to look at where your website sits in your market place. You need to know what’s already out there and what your competitor is doing, because you can be sure a potential customer knows. So we’ll be a bit nosey for you. We’ll delve into their websites and let you know what we find. Then we’ll set out to go one better.

Wire Frames & Web Development

The first stage of any new website is a site plan: what’s in and what goes where. Then we’ll move onto wireframes, which show you the basics of the site and how it’ll function. Next we take the wireframes and build the design around them. Here’s where you see your new website put on its clothes – made to measure, not off the peg. And naturally, we only build websites that are easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets.

Going Live & Staying Current

We build your new site with an easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System). It’ll be the right one for the way you operate, so any member of your staff can easily go behind the scenes to tinker responsibly and add new content instantly. Of course, we’ll show you how to use it and we’ll be around if you need to ask a question. Oh, and we can also host your site for you, so you have just one call for everything you need.